Vaccinations: 11 Questions on Effectivness/ Food for Thought

Vaccinations: 11 Questions on Effectivness/ Food for Thought

Vaccinations: 11 Questions on Effectivness/ Food for Thought

Vaccinations: 11 pharmaceutical Questions Challenging Their Effectiveness

With the threat of mandatory vaccinations I ask you to consider this. If vaccines are the harbinger of healthiness like they’re claimed to be then the following questions should be answered with ease, having supporting evidence where needed.Remember, there are all sorts of pressures put on individuals such as those on parents to vaccinate their children, so certain people; lobbyists, medical / pharmaceutical establishment, political or educational representatives must sincerely believe in the efficacy of vaccinations.

1.Where is the sound science produced from the work of vaccinations originator Edward Jenner? I cannot find any. This is important since the work carried out today stems from accepted principles related to this.

2. Continuing on from the above. In Jenner’s days all the evidence presented by doctors and others, showing that smallpox vaccinations caused more harm than good has been widely suppressed. Then there’s the biography written by Doctor John Barron in 1838 who recalls that Jenner, his friend, in so many words, was much respected and admired but like other medics of the time couldn’t find a cure for smallpox using cowpox… My question is doesn’t the whole vaccinations principle, at least for smallpox, remain majorly flawed?

3. Doesn’t the evidence from the early days during the nineteenth and early twentieth century show the reduction in diseases; smallpox, tuberculosis, whooping cough, polio and measles… was due to better sanitation not vaccinations?

4. Vaccines contain some pretty nasty substances: aluminium, carboxylic acid, formaldehyde, acetone, pigs matter and mercury… to name a few. Where are the safety studies to show as scientific proof that vaccinations are safe? (Epidemiologic studies are only indicators and don’t serve as convincing evidence alone).

5. What does the medical/pharmaceutical establishment have to say about the numerous studies conducted on and off over many years showing that vaccinations have caused more harm than good, such as those introduced in countries with their indigenous peoples?

6. Aren’t the roughly thirty vaccinations given to young children a risky or even potentially dangerous assault on an underdeveloped immune system?

7. It has been said that vaccinations have been linked to illnesses, for example, child illnesses such as cot deaths… Can the related studies to this be so blatantly ignored?

8. There are a number of case studies documenting doctors’ refusal to get vaccinated. Did this indicate their considered inefficacy of vaccinations?

9. If vaccinations are so okay then why is it that doctors refuse to put in writing at the request of the patient that no harm will come of them?

10. In the bigger picture, why is it that alternative medicine like natural health approaches related to nutrition, the mind-body connection, exercising and toxicity avoidance get ignored when it comes to the prevention/reversal of disease?

11. Overall, could it be that money is the strongest motivator here, since doctors receive bonus payments for reaching target numbers of vaccinations?