New Gadgets for 2017

There are new Gadgets that are coming at a fast pace. Our Golden Cloak staff went searching for the latest and greatest so your not spending lots of time tring to find something you heard of or, saw someplace, chances we have it such as the 2017 new gadgets Anonsuo, A touch home theater wireless smart touch control led lamp bluetooth speaker, and baby thats a mouthfull. Perhaps your looking for whats new from Android CSA93 Android 6.0, streaming box media player. In the Saftey section of this report, we forund this, Zeeshy Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker for People GPS Tracking Device for Kids . This mini GPS Tracker is a new generation of personal GPS tracking gadget for kids/elderly /pets/personal assets. With SOS emergency call function, Two-way Callin, you can have voice conversation with each other whenever they need your help.

If your needing something for your “GO Pro” or other action action cameras, the roll out this CamKix Roll-Out Bag with Waist / Shoulder Strap. For all those cameras that are new for 2017, our staff picked the Brand New Canon PowerShot SX610 HS 20.2MP Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Camera (White) + 2017 Top Accessory Bundle. What ever your looking for be sure to checkout our “Staff Picks” for new and just plain cool stuff that should help you through your wish list of stuff!