There’s More to Survival then Storeing Food in Your Basement

Politics is the process by which we choose to be governed for a season. And yes, quite a bit can be at stake. But the heart of man, often bereft of wisdom, chooses for the now and ignores the long-term ramifications. That’s the peril. Isaiah 3:6 says that in the last days a man shall say to his brother, “You have a golden cloak , you be our leader; take charge of this heap of ruins!”

Our goal at Golden Cloak is not one of “doomsayers” or “scaremongers”.  We are purveyors of truth which seems diminutive in our world.

The Golden Cloak Staff thought it appropriate to publish the 12 Laws of Karma, mostly because of its relevance to a positive way of life. Anyone can learn important life lessons from these words. Irrespective of your faith the preparation for any circumstance is essential to less stress in our crazy world. We believe preparing ourselves and our faithful customers for events that can change our worlds in a blink of an eye are extremely important.  Our goal is to inform and provide positive information and products to our loyal constituencies’.  Whether we keep a year of sustainable food packed away in our basements or just making sure our loved ones are protected against unforeseen circumstance is a personal preference. We do not warn about the possibilities of life changing happenings or proclaim a checklist to follow in order to be ready for catastrophic events. What we do know for certainty, everyone is different. What may be distressing for one and how they process it, is totally different for another. Hence, the 3rd law of Karma; “The only given we have in our lives is ourselves, and that is the only factor we have control over.”

We ask you to follow and share our blogs and information. If along the way we can be a positive influence on your life and your loved ones than we have succeeded dear friends. We believe in sharing only truth. We always welcome your comments or to share your experiences that may enlighten us all and encourage others to do the same. 

The Golden Cloak Family

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